KAEiOG - Konferencja Algorytmy Ewolucyjne i Optymalizacja Globalna

XIII Krajowa Konferencja
Warszawa, 21 - 22 września 2011

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Andrzej Jaszkiewicz, Paweł Kominek, Marek Kubiak

Adaptation of the Genetic Local Search Algorithm to a Car Sequencing Problem

The paper describes an adaptation of the genetic local search algorithm (GLS) to a car sequencing (CS) problem. The problem has been formulated by a French car manufacturer for the ROADEF Challenge 2005 [2]. It is based on a real problem coming from production planning. Its goal is to schedule the order of cars to be put on a production line for each production day, while satisfying as many factory equirements as possible.

The main element of this adaptation is a systematic approach to construction of recombination operators for the given optimization problem. The use of this approach allowed designing a well-performing algorithm avoiding intensive tests in the trials and error method.

Another improving parts of this adaptation are efficient initial solutions generation heuristics and a fast local search procedure.

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