KAEiOG - Konferencja Algorytmy Ewolucyjne i Optymalizacja Globalna

XIII Krajowa Konferencja
Warszawa, 21 - 22 września 2011

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Franciszek Dul

Aeroelastic Stability Analysis on Local Cluster witch MOSIX Scheduler

The efficiency of parallelization of the aeroelastic stability problems on local cluster of computers using the MOSIX scheduler is considered. The classical flutter of a flexible wing in incompressible inviscid flow with time-domain approach used for finding the critical velocity of flutter is chosen as a test problem.

The results of comparisons show that the efficiency of parallelization of such aeroelastic problems is satisfactory, since the maximal speedup factors were 2.6 for three, 4.2 for seven and 4.4 for eleven computers in the cluster. The speedups of computations (measured as the ratio of speedup to the number of computers used) were 0.87, 0.60 and 0.40, respectively, which means, that the optimal number of computers in the cluster is 5-8 for the considered problems.

The use of the MOSIX migration scheduler enables to reduce the computing time even of 30-40% comparing to the non-optimized scheduling.

The efficiency of parallelization the aeroelastic computations on the cluster and multiprocessor machines are comparable, but an easy access to the cluster makes it much more convenient in practical computations.

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autor: Krzysztof Adamski